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Learn more about life millions of years ago with us. On the edges of the Saxon Switzerland, nestled in the Forellenschänke recreational area and directly on the border with the Czech Republic, a unique prehistoric park has been located since 1996.

The creator of the Dinosaur Garden in Großwelka and the Dinosaur Park in Kleinwelka continued his life’s work in the Prehistoric Park Sebnitz with passionate commitment and artistic skill. On an area of over 10,000 square meters, winding paths lead into the long-gone world of our prehistory. Over 400 sculptures bear witness to this prehistoric era.

During the tour, visitors gain insights into the development of life forms from water to land. The facility presents more than just up to 1000-fold enlarged microorganisms and bacteria; mammals from the Cenozoic era, giant octopuses, and early humans also populate the scenery. The fascinating ancestral line of horses is as present as the impressive Indricotherium, which, at a height of up to 8 meters, was the largest land-living mammal. In addition, the Prehistoric Park Sebnitz also offers insects in 100-fold magnification.

We warmly welcome you and invite you to unfold your curiosity and discover more about the prehistoric era and its fascinating animal and plant life.

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