Opening at Easter with “Prehistoric Glow”

This year’s season we kicked off for the first time with a new, magnificent event – the “Prehistoric Glow”.

From March 29th to April 5th, 2024, our visitors submerged themselves every evening, in addition to the regular opening hours, into a world that dates back millions of years and was portrayed in a fascinating light.

This event was not just an ordinary visit to the park, but a journey through time, where they could experience the impressive sculptures of prehistoric creatures in an entirely new way. Through the use of spectacular sound and light effects, the sculptures were highlighted in a new light, guiding the visitors into a different, long-gone world.

Right from the entrance area, visitors were directly transported into the magical world of the prehistoric glow. The tour through the park was projected onto the ground, right next to the entrance area, showing visitors the way through the sea of lights.

Passing by the glowing giant octopus, moving towards the battle between termite and ant, all the way to the gigantic rock, entwined by a huge snake, where a window opened into a scene that seemed to have sprung directly from the depths of Earth’s history, where the daily struggle of life and survival reigns.

Thanks to the numerous visitors, this event was a successful kick-off.

We are looking forward to be able to soon publish an invitation for the next primeval glow for you.

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